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Prestige Women of Power 2022

Jul 2022
In 1999, Paige Parker went on a trip around the world with renowned commodity guru Jim Rogers, who would later become her husband. Together, they made a Guinness World Record and visited 116 countries. It was a life-changing trip for Paige. “I saw first hand the nature of fate: how my path had been determined […]

Creative Capital: The American socialite championing Singapore talent and women's rights

OCT 20, 2018
Intrepid explorer, local arts supporter and now author Paige Parker would have you know she’s more than just the wife of billionaire Jim Rogers. Open any society magazine or click on any website that showcases Singapore’s more glamorous people, and chances are Paige Parker will be front and centre. Since moving to the Lion City […]

Guinness World Record-Breaking Trip Author Paige Parker On Her First Book

NOV 26, 2018
Paige Parker (PP) The true catalyst for this project was my daughter Happy. When I became pregnant with her, I realised that I had to write my own version of the story. This is actually the second version of the book. I first wrote about the trip when I was still in New York, and […]

The Business Times

OCT 19 2018
ON JAN 1, 1999, Paige Parker and her soon-to-be husband Jim Rogers embarked on a three-year worldwide road trip that would set the Guinness record for the longest continuous car journey. Mr Rogers is, of course, the famously intrepid American investor who started the successful Quantum Fund with George Soros in 1973. He’s regarded by […]

别叫我罗杰斯太太 访佩琦派克 Paige Parker

OCT 10, 2018
1999年,佩琦派克与美国投资家丈夫吉姆罗杰斯驾车环球旅行,三年走遍116个国家,行程24万5000公里。20年后,她终于步丈夫后尘,著书记述这段旅程,书名就叫《别叫我罗杰斯太太》。她说:“吉姆的书写的是他的故事,我有自己的观点和感受。” […]

Read with Michelle Martin: 'Don't Call Me Mrs Rogers'

OCT 8, 2020
Paige Parker knew she would keep her maiden name even before marrying legendary investor Jim Rogers. She shares why in her new book "Don't Call me Mrs Rogers". The book takes readers on the couple's Guiness Record making three-year long adventure around the world and provides access to Parker's worldview on life, being seen as […]

More than just a travelogue

OCT 5, 2018
“Don’t Call Me Mrs Rogers: Love, Loathing & Our Epic Drive around the World” details philanthropist, prolific writer, GIA certified gemologist, keen patron of the arts and mother-of-two Paige Parker’s experiences of an epic trip of a lifetime. Paige and her then-fiance and now husband, Jim Rogers spent three years driving across six continents and […]

Don’t Call Me Mrs Rogers: Gemologist Paige Parker tells all about her epic road trip with investment guru Jim Rogers

OCT 5, 2018
It’s hard to separate Paige Parker from the image of her husband, Jim Rogers, the American business heavyweight who rode around the world on a motorcycle in 1990 and wrote about it in Investment Biker. And did it again almost a decade later – this time in a car with Parker – with the adventure documented in […]

What's In My Portfolio: Paige Parker

OCT 4, 2018
My memoir, Don’t Call Me Mrs Rogers, details how overland travel can be trying on the soul, mind, and worse, on my relationship with Jim, who became my husband on our epic adventure. The Pretenders’ lyrics, “It’s a thin line between love and hate”, rang true. Still, with no other option, we relied on one […]

How I Travel: Paige Parker

SEP 24, 2018
Most people will not hesitate to tell you that travelling the world is on their bucket list, but how many actually follow through—and break a Guinness World Record while they’re at it? Philanthropist, GIA certified gemologist, and mother-of-two Paige Parker (@iampaigeparker) has done it all, and now she has written a travel memoir that […]

International Women’s Day Special: Paige Parker on being a ‘Momager’

MAR 14, 2018
Paige Parker is many things – GIA certified gemologist, philanthropist, and Guinness World Record holder (yes, really) – but her proudest title would have to be mother-of-two: On her LinkedIn, Paige Parker is a self-proclaimed ‘Momager’. Take one look at her Instagram feed, and you’ll see just how. There, the American-born Paige Parker is every bit the […]